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1957 Chevy Pickup Review and Specifications

1957 Chevy Pickup

I'm Kelly Hawthorn, I'm from Bowling Green Kentucky here for the Hot Rod Reunion. Come here every year, come here obviously for the cars and the hot rods, and it's a big event for Bowling Green. It's on fathers day weekend.

I've got 4 kids so I try to bring them they tire out a little bit they're not the long haulers I do try to get them to the hotel on event nights there and they do visit the event down here this is a 1957 Chevy truck I actually bought it here in 05 in the campgrounds fella was camping in the campgrounds and had no idea the event was going on it was in stock form.

It was in pretty bad shape took me about a year and a half I just completely re-did it I took it down to the frame updated some of the suspension re-did the motor and kind of is what it is this is actually 1977 Porsche royal blue it was just a fluke I was going through the paint code book at the paint shop.

Just come up with the color trying to stay away from something metallic something somewhat era correct I definitely didn't try to modernize the engine compartment it's a 69 model 327 with a 69 monza 4 speed the engine looks like something you would have in 1969 had to do some things to the intake as well as putting a oil filler tube in.

Basically the only chrome it's got is a chrome air filter and alternator hanging off the side of it. Thats it no modern amenities what so ever the wheels are just black steel wheels actually just primed and painted them black a month ago with Coker white walls. I went with black just to through a little contrast in as far as the personality a 57 is kind of unique as far as the grill goes it was one year on it people call it a big catfish mouth these trucks any of them the 55, 56, 57's.

1957 Chevy Pickup

All have a little bit more attitude as far as I'm concerned meaner looking this one is a big window truck which was option I guess they just kind of define hot rod on the inside of the bed I've relocated the fuel cell which used to be behind the back seat underneath the bed just kind of mocked up just a filler cap on it it's just got the painted strips in it it's actually a pine bed that I stained and cleared myself that was I think a special dark walnut color the bed rails and the bed front and the tail gate are actually new.

I ordered them after market but everything else on the truck is actually original actually all the gages did work the speedometer cable was a little twisted but I just detailed them put a new bezel on it and put them back in and used the other handles for vent purposes, bypass some of the choke and the throttle linkages and just use those for the side vents. So when your running down the road you can pull them and get a little fresh air coming in a lot of the stuff that happened was just mock up stuff with intentions of changing it after the fact same way with the shifter.

It was just a piece of flat stock that I had picked up from TSC and it just worked and I just kind of kept it the way it was that seat was from an 88 ranger that I got from Parish I chopped 6 inches off the top of it had to reupholster I some what keep it clean. I'm not much of a cleaner, I do drive the thing got a couple of boys that are hot rods at heart. So when they say do a burnout, I go ahead and oblige. I drive it to work when it's convenient. I guess having 4 kids we cant all obviously fit we have before the whole family, but I drive it to as many shows as I can within reason couple of hours each way.

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